Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SATH Selects Travel Insured International As Its Preferred Travel ...

(News) SATH the Society For Accessible Travel %26amp%3B Hospitality has named Travel Insured International as its exclusive preferred partner in providing travel insurance plans to SATH members guests and partnersTravel Insured ...

Insurance update

To me, the inside of a house is so much more important than the outside. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have siding on our house, and landscaping done, but I don't like out there. I live inside.

HIV/AIDS Life Insurance Coverage

Major insurance carrier is now offering affordable life insurance converage to the HIV/AIDS community.

Why I hate Insurance Companies

David Dankwa wrote in Best’s Review – January 2007 - Highlights from BestWeek - Briefing Eateries Lean on Reputation Covers The E.

OK-Bill would increase insurance coverage for women

(LIN) In the hopes that 2007 will yield different results, Sen. Jay Paul Gumm, D-Durant, has re-filed an unsuccessful 2006 bill that would provide equity in group health insurance benefits for women.

Insurance plan seeks rate cuts, takes flak - Palm Beach Post

This is defintely worth your time and money TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Senate rolled out an insurance proposal Monday aimed at reducing property insurance premiums but including measures that both.

Re: auto insurance in the us for foreigners

Just out of curiosity, why did you buy a car in the first place if you knew you were going to try to unload it in Mexico? Why not just rent a car, then you could have gotten insurance with the rental.

Florida Property Taxes, Quarterly Fees, and Insurance Costs Go UP ...

I moved to sunny South Florida to get away from the cold. So, what happens? Global warming has Lancaster County Pennsylvania averaging eighteen degrees above normal.

Finance/Insurance Links

Georgi wrote:. Does anyone have any finance or insurance related sites that they would like to build links for? (Preferably health insurance or life insurance related sites but anything finance related or mortgage related would work).

Insurance in New Orleans - a practical problem

I shot this off New Orleans public access on my trip to the city. There are tons of interesting programs about the current state of New Orleans available on this channel.